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About Us
    In 2002, Able Technology Incorporation was founded by a talented team, whose members were the experienced R&D staffs of some worldwide famous IC companies and/or Silicon Valley IC companies. Able Technology focuses on the design and development of IC products and relative software, and provides with customers the silicon-proven IPs and the services of IC design and product development.
    Its R&D team is specialized in the design of high performance digital-analog mixed CMOS IC, Bipolar IC, RF IC, and complex system-on-chip(SOC) IC( which is already over 0.13um 10 millions gate counts), including A/D converter and D/A converter, PLL and CDR, miscellaneous memories, LCD controller and driver, battery charger, rechargeable battery protector, DC/DC converter, power management, RF transceiver, video and audio processing chip, DSP/MCU, MPEG encoder/decoder, ATM/IP switcher and router, SONET/SDH assembler, USB, PCI, IIC, DVI£¬LVDS, DDR/DDR2 IO interface, and miscellaneous complex system-on-chip(SOC) IC.
    Based on Shanghai ICC and Chengdu ICC, Able Technology has a complete professional design flow from front end to back end, inclduing testing.  Front end includes FPGA design and verification, behavioral/RTL HDL coding/verifying, test bench generation, synthesis from HDL code to gate-level netlist, static timing analysis, formality checking, and finally to layout library; Back end includes analog circuit design, COT design, memory design, FIFO design, IO design, and circuit simulation and verification, manual layout design, placement&routing, layout parasitic extraction, back annotation, post-layout verilog/cdl simulation and verification, layout checking and verification, tapeout; testing stage includes FIB on chip, chip bring up, on-PCB board testing, function and performance evaluation, etc..
    Able Technology owns intensive experience in dealing with chip fabrication, assembly and package, and testing. Able has proven track record of prototype engineering processing, quality run, and large-volume production run.
    The business tenet of Able technology is that customers are the first, customers get success, Able Technology gets success.
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