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    In 2002, Able Technology Incorporation was founded by a talented team, whose members were the experienced R&D staffs of some worldwide famous IC companies and/or Silicon Valley IC companies. Able Technology focuses on the design and development of IC products and relative software, and provides with customers the silicon-proven IPs and the services of IC design and product development.
    Its R&D team is specialized in the design of high performance digital-analog mixed CMOS IC, Bipolar IC, RF IC, and complex system-on-chip(SOC) IC( which is already over 0.13um 10 millions gate counts), including A/D converter and D/A converter, PLL and CDR, miscellaneous memories, LCD controller and driver, battery charger, rechargeable battery protector, DC/DC converter, power management, RF transceiver, video and audio processing chip, .
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